Come join us!  Our high-energy, international tele-activations and online seminars, provide the easiest and most convenient way enhance your psychic abilities, increase your manifestation power and strengthen your communication with the celestial Federation of Light. By attending these events, you will experience increased energy, enhanced intuition as well as accelerated physical and emotional healing.  Enjoy the sessions, Bryan

Live! International Tele-Sessions   $11 each

Saturday -  September 5, 12, 26 & October 3, 2015
 10:00 AM
(Las Vegas/Pacific Daylight Time)

These amazing 30-minute meditations will expand your mind, open your heart and enhance your visionary psychic skills to new levels of awareness.  Come join us for a one of a kind series of high energy transmissions.


Journey to Atlantis – Saturday, September 5

  • Enter the Crystal Temple to receive an encoding from the sacred Emerald Tablets.
  • Connect with the creators of Atlantis to activate higher levels of design & creativity within you.

Journey to the Fountain of Youth – Saturday, September 12

  • Experience regeneration and youthening of your physical body and appearance.
  • Renew spiritual passion and enthusiasm for life.


Journey to the Tree of Life – Saturday, September 26

  • Connect with your original blueprint and divine essence
  • Access your spiritual heritage and genetic bloodline


Journey to Lemuria – Saturday, October 3

  • Experience grounding, balance, and a deep connection to the earth and the spirits of nature.
  • Renew your mind, body and spirit.


Each session will be available on Instant Access for $16 the week following the live event.


If you are attending the tele-session...

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Radio Interview with Bryan - Fantastic!
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Live! International Tele-Session
Includes a special "follow along" webpage with images and videos!

Saturday - September 19, 2015    

Come join us for this special expanded Lightwave Training session! Learn one of the newest, most powerful healing and upgrading energy techniques on the planet. The Lightwave infusion process works to restore optimum health and youthen the human body while increasing your psychic abilities, healing gifts and manifestation powers.  There are a few different session options from which you can choose!

These training sessions will teach you how to transmit a multitude of high-frequency energy infusions to clear and balance your 9-point chakratic system, activate your 12-strand DNA and electron bodies for multidimensional ascension. The sessions include the new Akashic Blueprinting Technique, Bi-Location/Long Distance Healing Techniques and the new ‘channeled’ Lightwave processes for personality cloning and body re-shaping. These techniques will allow you to etherically ‘clone’ personality traits and energetically re-structure, enhance and renew desired/problem areas of your body.

This session can be accessed through your phone, cell phone or Skype.


Session 1: Basic Lightwave Training - Levels 1 & 2 -  9 AM - 12 Noon (PST)

Full explanation of the Lightwave process, manual and videos; how to run Lightwave energy; receive original Lightwave matrix and Lightwave practice session
Includes beautiful full-color training manual, live tele-conference, follow-along
web page/tutorial videos and Lightwave certification

Session 2: Lightwave - Levels 3, 4 & 5 /  12:30 - 2:30 PM (PST)
Lightwave Akashic Blueprinting, Personality Cloning & Body Re-Shaping,
Lightwave Teleportation & Etheric Temple Building
Includes live tele-conference

This session will literally launch you into outer space by teaching you how to quickly build a personal teleportation portal with Lightwave energy which can transport you into other dimensional frequencies, to the starships and to your home planet. Also included will be a fascinating tutorial on building etheric light temples and constructing the foundational grids, as well as structures, for the Cities of Light.

New Lightwave Practitioners

Option 1: Session 1 & 2 - $350
Option 2:
Session 1 - $250

Option 3: Session 2 - $150

Re-Attunement & Level 5 - All Sessions: $150
Re-Attunement & Level 5 - All Sessions + New Lightwave Manual with Levels 1-5: $200
 For those who are on our list from a previous Lightwave training,
the full re-attunement to the Lightwave process will be $150.


If you are attending the tele-session...

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October 8 - 10, 2015

Includes a 3-hour "Energy" Workshop, Red Rock Valley tour, multi-level shopping/restaurant experience...and a night out you will never forget!

Travel and Accommodations

Domestic & International Travel: If you are flying, both domestic & international travelers can fly into the Las Vegas McCarren Airport (LAS). Rental cars, shuttles and taxis are easily obtained in Las Vegas.

Homewood Suites ~ 10450 South Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV ~ Phone: 702-450-1045

Everyone attending the Las Vegas event, is strongly encouraged to stay at the Homewood Suites to keep the energy tight and to be a full participant in the experience.

Please plan to arrive in Vegas by early afternoon on Thursday, October 8 to give you time to rest and re-set your energy prior to our first event. Viva Las Vegas will conclude Saturday, October 10 in the afternoon.

Registration Information

Viva Las Vegas ~ $225 Full Registration / $125 Deposit

To register for the session, you can use the Order page or complete the Printable Order Form (please print clearly and make sure to include your email address) and return it with a check or money order in US funds only please, made payable to:

LightQuest International
  PO Box 96821
Las Vegas, Nevada  89193

Special Note: This will be a very focused workshop; the event is designed to accommodate a small-sized group of people to maximize comfort and personal interaction.  Therefore seating is limited, so make your reservations now!   Attendees are responsible for their own travel, hotels and meals. 

No refunds will be issued at any time for any reason, due to the magnitude of this event! Any questions please email us at


Register Now!



Details on Ashtar Command Galactic Ascension Posters - Click Here!

Do you often feel a strong urge to move to another location and/or feel the area where you currently reside is not supporting your spiritual work? Would you like to know if a particular city is a good choice for you and your signficant other? Enter the world of Astrocartography, an alchemical mixture of astrology, geomancy and intuitive location scouting!  Astrocartography is a valuable guide to discovering the best locations to manifest your soul’s destiny. Choose two physical locations you are thinking about possibly relocating to, and Bryan will channel a third location for you from the Ashtar Command!

Details on Astrocartography - Click Here!

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