Business as Usual?

Spiritually Conscious Business-ing in the 7th Golden Age!

By Bryan de Flores

We are on the precipice of entering a new world! The multidimensional Earth matrix is now being reopened and we are being given the opportunity to create new and innovative forms of everything. As we move into the 7th Golden Age, all that we see will be upgraded to its optimal state of being; its highest potential. Each of us will find our ‘niche’ so to speak, that which we were born to do and assist in this great transformation. Some will implement new ideas and bring groundbreaking technologies into the medical, legal, governmental and educational systems. Others will refine the cultural and family structures or institute positive changes in the political arena.

One of the world systems currently undergoing great changes is the area of business and finance. I am often asked many questions about how I do business and how the current business world will transition in these end times. Of course, things will be quite different than they are now, as every system will operate for the highest good of all. Greed, deception & fear will be eliminated and integrity will be restored to all areas of business-ing. Many people are now contemplating more creative, nurturing and financially abundant ways of making a living. With the entrepreneurial energy bigger than ever, many are now willing to forsake the so called ‘perks/benefits’ of a regular 3D job and take some much needed risks to create a new life for themselves and their children. During this transition period it is important to incorporate a higher set of ethics and new modes of operation, which will anchor a whole new paradigm and new potentials onto the planet.

Currently, many spiritually awakened individuals are excitedly opening businesses and beginning new ventures with their newfound revelations and abilities. However, some soon find it difficult to make a decent and honest living among the rules, regulations and practices of the 3D business world and become disillusioned and reluctantly go back to a 3D, 9-5 job. Others are either barely making it or going out of business. Some try to ‘franchise’ out their product or service, only to find little or no success. Others try to expand their businesses so quickly that quality is lost and the integrity (along with customer service) is sacrificed. Still others dream of large corporate empires for their spiritual work, which is often the product of personal importance issues and/or material-power gain. Why are these things happening and is there a solution? Well, one of the problems is that many individuals are operating in the old ‘established’ 3D business-program matrixing, not realizing there are new templates which bring easy solutions followed by great success, wealth and unlimited clientele. In short, building your business with the old templates will only bring about the stresses, limiting thought-forms and emotions of the ‘old way.’ The solutions to these problems can be simple and somewhat amazing if you open yourself up to other possibilities.

Using my intuitive skills I have been able to bring through a large body of information regarding new paradigm business practices and protocols, which work for the highest good of all and provide everyone involved with unlimited financial prosperity and abundant clientele. These ideas and practices led me to create the “Golden Age Business Plan,” which has provided thousands of individuals across the planet with new insights into how the new business world will operate. Additionally, continuing to upgrade everything we do is an important part of our ascension transition. Therefore, the Golden Age Business Plan incorporates many new ideas and modes of operation, pivotal to manifesting a prosperous business.

The New Golden Age Business Plan package
is available in the Masterworks Volume and includes:

• How to Define Your True Calling
• Product Integrity, Activation and Down-stepping
• Templating a New or Existing Business
• Original Matrix Franchising
• Clean Energy Transactions
• Re-educating Your Employees and Clients
• Investors, Partners and Contracts
• Payment Systems: Including Cash, Checks and Credit Cards
• Manifesting and Upgrading Your Money
• Small Business vs. Big Business
• Advertising: Includes New info regarding business cards, brochures, etc.

To continue, there are two important keys to making a graceful, profitable transition into the new business world. One is being able to find ‘your’ passion, fine tune it (correctly) and offer it to the world in a very unique way. The other is to hold a higher set of operating principals while you are developing your new business. These two elements will make all the difference in the world! Also, during your transition you will need to release many of the 3D limitation safety nets; ‘assurances’ such as bi-monthly paychecks, medical and dental insurance and a week’s paid vacation a year. Replacements for these will be unlimited financial abundance, improved health and all the vacations you desire, accompanied by true freedom and sovereignty! Sound exciting, well it is! Working in the new spiritual business world is very rewarding and ultimately what you are here to do. Everyone will make the transition in their own time and in their own way. But also realize that if you linger too long in a stale, repetitive, stressful job, your Higher Self and angels may remove you, sometimes very swiftly, without warning in whatever way necessary. Although sometimes a bit traumatic at first, this is a great gift, as it will always catapult you into the life you were meant to live. Also, in the business world, there is such a diversity of situations that often you will need to ‘intuit’ your own solutions, blending your consciousness with those of your spirit guides and angels. The answers may come in the form of a book, another individual, a movie or a sign in nature. Be alert and be open to other options.

In summation, as you incorporate a new understanding of higher consciousness business practices, great transformation will begin to occur within you and your business success and finances will soar to the heavens. And as you go forward each day always keep in mind that all of the operating matrixes/systems in the new ‘Golden Age’ paradigm honor the human spirit and uplift humanity in every way. Live, Love and Prosper!


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