Making your spiritual mission and all of your dreams a reality!

Everyone currently living on planet Earth is here to experience and contribute their energy and skills to the mass awakening in consciousness which is occurring at this time. In order to fulfill our individual parts in this amazing transformation, we must make the conscious choice to align ourselves with the true destiny path we have come to walk. However, it is not always an easy task to find the daily inspiration and determination needed to manifest our individual spiritual missions and fulfill our part in the planetary destiny. Furthermore, this ‘destiny quest’ requires nothing less than our complete focus and a profound sense of inner connection and determination. It also requires us to take risks, to make the appropriate choices and to trust in the power and magic of Spirit; the unseen guardians guiding humanity into the new ‘Golden Age’.

Ascension and Destiny

As more and more information from the spiritual and scientific communities emerges, we are realizing that the structure of our reality is much different than we ever dared to imagine. In addition, we are learning that this multidimensional reality is in the midst of great changes, changes which are both physical and spiritual in nature. The new reality we are emerging into operates on a whole new level, incorporating many new thought-fields and the higher-dimensional Akashic databanks, previously accessible only on the etheric levels. With the integration of these new matrixes into the physical world, all elements of life here are in the refining and upgrading process, becoming brighter, sharper and more beautiful than ever before. This includes our physical bodies, the planetary body and all creations manifesting through this sphere of consciousness. All dimensional barriers on this planet are dissolving and we are beginning to see everything from a more expanded perspective. That is, our five physical senses are beginning to accommodate more of the imperceptible, including all of the inner invisible operating systems and external energy fields (auras) of all things physical. The new reality brings to us both completed aspectual integration and spiritual mastery. The new reality is about living spherically and making the impossible, possible. In truth, the new reality is about you, transcending who you currently are and allowing yourself to be born on a whole new level.

The global consciousness transformation we are currently experiencing involves the gradual release/dissolution of all limiting and fear-based inner programming and karmic overlays, such as poverty consciousness and the fear of death. It also requires the transmutation of all of the lower emotions such as anger and guilt. As these emotions are released and transformed, the consciousness begins to open to the higher 'light' frequencies and the physical body begins to reverse its 3D aging process. As this occurs, the individual begins to activate their ‘destiny blueprint’ and their life becomes paradisial in every way. This state of being is accomplished by the way you think (perceptions) and the way you live your life (application of those perceptions). At this point, you begin to remember who you are, your true origins and what you are here to do. Subsequently, your soul then begins to soar in the material world and manifests the perfection of itself from the highest levels into physical form.

The ‘destiny quest’ is a monumental journey that each of us chose to embark upon before incarnating here on Earth eons ago. It is the process of retraining our minds and bodies; returning to the original perfection and connection our souls experienced at the beginning of creation. Each lifetime has been a giant step in the process of remembering who we are and what we are capable of. However, for many individuals now living on Earth, it is in fact the final incarnation. This means, that a ‘consciousness graduation’ is occurring and that all individuals who are ready and choosing to transcend this often traumatic, intense, physical experience are now moving into a new, more perfected frequency and physical life. This new frequency is multidimensional in nature and is currently manifesting before us. However, only those who are fulfilling their spiritual contracts and manifesting their mission will be able to perceive and live in this new frequency.

The Manifest Destiny Package

At this extremely important point in time in history, I would like to discuss the intricately detailed energy package entitled ‘Manifest Destiny’. This package was meticulously designed to assist all individuals living on Earth in aligning with their soul’s purpose, mission and destiny path. It contains all the details on how you can manifest your mission in a very magical and practical way, within a very short period of time. In addition, it will assist you in transcending all of your fears and concerns regarding your mission and destiny, and help you to receive the etheric financial and assistance dispensations you need to move forward. Furthermore, “Manifest Destiny” contains some of the most beautiful artwork I have done to date, including a set of ‘new paradigm’ sacred geometry accelerators and a colorful detailed representation of the ‘Destiny Path’. Additionally, I have added a special ‘mission and destiny’ activation CD, which will accelerate conscious access to your unfolding mission details and connect you with your primary guardian angel and assisting spiritual guides. In short, the “Manifest Destiny” package will propel and provide you with the necessary information you need to move forward and attain the ultimate goal!

The Manifest Destiny package is contained within the Masterworks Volume. To order, go to the ‘Order and Contact’ page.


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